Going out to Wisconsin today! 

There are great leather suppliers in the Milwaukee area and in Chicago; I'm hitting up a few this week to have as options for Spring '18.

Something that you'll start seeing more of in our line (starting today, actually) is that we're leather wrapping the base (foxing) in certain instances instead of using a synthetic rubber.

The rubber is nice because it gives a more laid back, sneaker feel. The real leather is nice because it elevates the style-- makes it a bit more refined.

When we think of New American, it's sometimes this extra touch that we're going after. It's not that other companies don't also use leather foxing, but when taken in context of the quality and detailing of our styles (real leather, brass hardware, skived laces, clean stitching, etc.) I feel like we're really setting the bar for what New American means.

We're making a singular statement about style when it comes to New York made product. That it can be refined and at the forefront of design and construction techniques.

Brandon Cohn