The Core New Yorker

Coffee shop musing take 2; this time, I'm at Collectivo in Mequon, WI. Sourcing trip is going well so far. We're heading out to Chicago this afternoon to meet with a few leather companies.

Funny how being in not-NYC makes you think about NYC more. I imagine this is true for anywhere though-- highlighting things is more accessible with a little distance. I'm trying to parse out what being Made in NYC means for L&B. I know it means something, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.

We don't say we're Made in USA, although our product is. There's a specific distinction we're making being from NYC, which makes me consider the qualities of NYC life that are important to the L&B brand.

The core New Yorker (*Note, the word 'core' is key here... since the topical New Yorker can be a laundry list of negative adjectives) is aspirational, extremely driven, confident, dedicated, has a work hard play hard mentality, wants to be culturally influential, is decisive, open minded, and although tourists may not realize this is actually acutely thoughtful, perceptive, and kind. Of course, I'm talking broad strokes here, or at least the feeling I get when I reflect on what being a New Yorker means to me.

There's something in the above that is L&B. We need to find a way of communicating this through our copy and our product.

Brandon Cohn