I like the word 'movement.'

It implies progress. It implies that we're going somewhere. It implies a shared belief-- that there's a togetherness with what we're doing and what's being accomplished.

It also speaks directly to the individual. What moves you? Physically, emotionally. What moves you to take action or to transcend yourself?

We move all day: out of the apartment, to the subway, up the stairs, through the door. There's movement in music, defined by key, tempo, and structure. Athletes move.

I bring this up because, inherently, shoes help us move too. It's not to say that there's a straight line between shoes and the above, but there's something to be said about a physical product that represents a word and what that should mean to a brand and its product.

L&B cares more about the emotional movement -- striving for achievement, individuality, progress -- than the physical movement of an athlete or an Olympian. And, what does this mean for us as Americans? Or, more importantly, what should this mean?

Brandon Cohn