Back to NYC

It's 2:30am. Heading back to NYC this morning-- taking an early flight. Trip was a big time success; we have some great resources out here for our upcoming development.

We also brought on a new designer yesterday and have a new collection underway. Everything is moving in the right direction. Things on the docket:

1) Continue ramping up the pace of style development
2) Photography on the site is ready to be reshot
3) Incorporating new materials as Spring '18 approaches
4) Collaborations are underway, starting with
5) New bottoming techniques are in the works (more to come on this)
6) Re-writing the descriptions of each style on our site so that they align more with our brand, rather than just being a list of attributes (leather Upper, brass hardware, hand crafted, etc.)

Following up on 'new designers,' the talent NYC has is exceptional. It's one of the many benefits of making product domestically-- you can work directly with the best professionals and the best up-and-coming talent. Using videochat to speak with a development team overseas is fine, but there's something special about being able to sit across the table with someone and crank out a new line. 

Brandon Cohn