Following up on February 10ths post, USA Curling has officially won gold. A miracle on ice, if you will. If Curling was a business (and, it is?), we're definitely at an inflection point.

There are two very American story lines here. First is redemption. Following the previous Olympic failure in Sochi, John Schuster was removed from USA's high performance program. He had to claw his way back through qualifying tournaments and the national rankings. Second is being an underdog; the Moneyline had USA at +200 in the gold medal game against Sweden, which isn't to mention just the general lack of faith the Curling community had in Schuster's team even reaching the podium this year.

Curling is a brand with a group of diehards and a lot of people who have absolutely no idea, at all, why it's even a thing-- including myself, even though I'm a huge fan every 4 years...

How do you develop something that's niche in a country, that finally gets some strong media attention (front page on every major news outlet is pretty good), into a national brand that the country cares about?

Isn't this what every consumer brand and business is trying to do?

Brandon Cohn