Can commoditized product ever thrive as New American product?

I ask because of a WSJ article posted yesterday afternoon discussing the financial struggles of American farmers. I guess it's no surprise that the competitiveness of commodities (beef, wheat, corn) puts American labor in a difficult spot, but it makes me think that New American must = strong differentiation.

I think this leaves us with two options. 1) Make product that's so technologically innovative that you can only get it through American business (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook), or 2) make your brand so differentiated that it's steeped in American values-- something you can only get by going through an American business.

Authenticity will become so important here. Right now, CPG companies can get away with calling themselves 'American' or 'New York' just because they're designed here... I'm assuming we've all encountered these companies.

The disruption of this industry is going to become palpable when brands push that envelope a bit further and actually align their actions behind what we're calling New American values. 

Brandon Cohn