A few big changes were made to our site the last couple days:

1) Homepage revamped with new copy and new images
2) All styles were re-shot with a great, new-to-the-team photographer (previously with Anthropologie and Net-A-Porter)
3) New styles posted: Mary, Totto, Anton

We also have new equipment in our factory; we'll be posting these on our Studio page during the week.

This is in addition to another design team we're putting together through the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Parsons School of Design.

Also, a benefit of making our shoes in NYC is that we can work very close to upcoming seasons. We have designs laid out for the beginning of Spring '18, and now we can start bringing in materials for the actual construction of these styles. Other companies already have their inventory on vessels coming in from overseas, which means they can't use the latest materials or make adjustments to the most recent fashion trends.

Brandon Cohn