Risk Taking

Cool article earlier this week in the WSJ about listening to motivational music and risk taking.

It begs a few questions: how do you define 'motivational music'? how do you define 'risk taking'? why is 'Eye of the Tiger' so good?..

Still, music in the workplace is a must, in my opinion. Or, just in general it's a must. So are snacks by the way. And, other niceties that the grinches of the world complain about when they mull on millennials. The science is there though (it seems), so why not run with it?

I think most companies would do better with more risk taking employees. Especially because 'risk taking' usually means things like speaking up when you have an idea, jumping in to help on a project you weren't assigned to, asking your management team to review your performance, etc.

The definition of risk taking in the American workforce is anchored by status and colleague perception. These ingrained fears create a decidedly inefficient way of productively functioning. 

And, who's to say that music (and snacks) can't help with these sensitivities? As long as the music's good, course.

Brandon Cohn