The Big Game

You might know that the 'Super Bowl' is referred to as 'The Big Game' by most advertisers. Why? Because, it costs a lot of money to license the rights to use the phrase 'Super Bowl' from the NFL. It's more efficient for smaller companies to use round-about ways of referencing tonight's game; the bang-for-your-buck isn't necessarily there when you're talking NFL licensing dollars.

Even if you can afford the premium licensing, maybe it's not worth it anyway. That is to say, why don't most businesses invest the way Bill Belichick does? Dump the first-round licensing agreements and occupy the middle rounds. Go for volume, avoid the shiny objects, and find Tom Brady in the 6th.

It's not sexy, but it works. I think part of the issue is that iteration is important when you're advertising. Rarely does a single glimpse of a product have a meaningful impact on you. There's too much noise, so you really need to see something 50 times before you start to feel like you either need the product, or you're missing out on something everyone else has.

We're talking quality views here, not inebriated, 10pm on a Sunday views. I mean, those don't necessarily hurt either, but 30 seconds for $4M?..

Brandon Cohn