There's something enticing about watching someone be 'clutch.'

Clutch,, adjective'(in sport) denoting or occurring in a critical situation in which the outcome of a game or competition is at stake. (of a player or action) achieving or characterized by success at a critical moment in a game or competition.'

Nick Foles was clutch. Which was awesome to watch and made for a fantastic story. That's another thing Americans like-- stories. Which, I would argue, is why so many of us like movies, drama, sports, music, art, fashion. Tell a story, express yourself, and be clutch when it matters most.

String a few clutch moments together with a great story, and you have something memorable. That's true for sports, but it's also true for business. It's why the story of Steve Jobs is inspiring, or the founding of Facebook is enticing, or fill-in-the-blank.

Oh, yeah, and being an underdog. Clutch + Story + Underdog = powerful, impactful, memorable moments.

P.S. Tide commercials were #1 yesterday... just genius. SO genius...

Brandon Cohn