What's the role of an Account Manager? Is it really to manage an account, or is this a misnomer?

Account management implies that both the consumer facing and the internal aspects of a company are being filtered in equal parts. It's as if the internal team reaches out to the AM, the AM reaches out to the customer, the customer reaches back to the AM, and the AM reaches back to the internal team.

This is silly-- obviously. Mostly because it puts the AM in a bad spot. Typically an AM is personable, respectfully aggressive, business oriented, driven, organized, and detailed. All of these attributes are best utilized with customer communication and business development. That's business development on the soft sale of growing an existing account and on the hard sale of bringing in new business.

Customer Relations and New Business seems like a more apt title (although, perhaps someone else could think of a more elegant, less long-winded way of saying it).

I bring up the above because we all have a friend who's a frustrated AM, and I think we all need to collectively lend a hand.

Brandon Cohn