Founder Thought

Hey Team, lets crush it today. Things on the docket:

1) Social media campaigns are starting up this week. We've been going through a few rounds of strategy meetings, and we've come up with a rollout we're excited for. #NewAmericanFootwear #LetsStartUsingHashtags

1a) Conceptually, I want our social media to be an extension of our website but not a literal representation of our website. That is to say, I'm not interested in just posting pictures of our product over and over again... because, why? I think creativity and authenticity resonate, so that's what we're leaning on.

2) Internship programs for LEE AND BARRETT are starting up in March. If you're interested in being a part of the team, drop a line.

3) Just of interest to me, a WSJ article was posted a little while ago about the absence of any Olympic athletes hailing from NYC for the upcoming games. At first I thought, 'who cares?' but then I thought maybe the City would really rally behind an athlete if we had one. But then I thought, 'probably not?..' but then I also thought that as long as the Giants are going 3 and 13 and the Knicks are below 500, we probably have bandwidth to root for someone.


Brandon Cohn