I'm pretty sure Curling is the best Winter Olympics sport.

The NYTimes inevitably writes things like, "deliver polished granite orbs across a long sheet of ice," which is in reference to the 'stones' the athletes 'throw,' but these stones are also called 'rocks,' with the last rock being called the 'hammer.'

It also has this kind of cult following that crops up every 4 years. I think it's because there's a whimsical mix of sport, entertainment, underdog, intellect, and competitiveness folded together.

I'm not quite sure why, but isn't it kind of like watching two chess grandmasters boxing? It's theatrical, maybe not particularly thrilling?, but with enough friends hanging out in a room someone's going to start screaming at the tv.

I guess what I'm saying is that Curling is the Settlers of Catan of the Winter Olympics. Not everyone plays it, those who do swear by it, and everyone knows about it.

It's a sticky brand of a sport.

Brandon Cohn