Industrial Design

We have a new team member coming on board next week-- we'll be posting an announcement soon. She's awesome and a recent industrial design graduate from Pratt.

Her perspective is really unique because she brings more of an engineering and structural background to the design process. It's going to open up some cool doors for us-- different silhouettes, material options, packaging options, etc.

Something we were talking about earlier today was that our brand identity is unwavering: New American.

But, what's quite malleable is our approach to creating new, innovative product. This is something that we try to change every day, if we can. The more flexible we can be with our product development, the more variety we can offer and the better the product gets.

We're a footwear company, but when you look around the studio and see that there are production experts, design experts, logistics experts, an industrial designer, different ages, different cultures, and different backgrounds, you realize there's something a lot more going on than just shoes.

Brandon Cohn