Daylight Saving

I'm avoiding the Daylight Saving arguments that come up twice a year, but this video is an absolute must for anyone who needs a laugh.

In L&B news, we have some exciting wholesale business coming up soon. More on this in the next few weeks.

We also have a new leather supplier in New York which we're going to start incorporating in to our lines later this month.

Josh has been on an exciting creative run the past few days as well; I think we'll start seeing more of his styles coming out this week and next week. Today is actually a big production day for us, so we may end up with a few new styles to post by Wednesday, after going through photography.

Also on the docket are more Spring materials. We're starting to focus on Spring now that the weather is changing. If anyone has any special requests, feel free to reach out

It's always helpful to hear what people are looking for. Because we're Made in NYC, we can put together styles based on request-- it gives us the opportunity to crowdsource creativity, something most companies can't do because of how long their research and development stage needs to be while making product overseas.

Brandon Cohn