Made in NYC

This coming week is important for a few reasons:

We have a branded campaign launching Wednesday.
We have a partnership that's supposed to launch by EOW.
Orders are being shipped tomorrow morning.
Meetings with retailers are set for Tuesday.
Our Spring line is being photographed.
A new sample maker starts tomorrow.

The transition to more full-on development and production has been exciting. People are starting to realize that we actually make our product right here in NYC. Either we're not doing a good enough job of communicating how our product is genuinely American made, or people have become so used to product being Designed in America, Made Anywhere Else that it's just not registering on the first go around.

We've gotten a lot of feedback along the lines of, 'Wait... so you actually make your shoes in NYC?'

Yes, exactly. We make our shoes in NYC.

Not just designed in NYC. Made in NYC.

Brandon Cohn