Time to Market

Companies that sell their product in America, but don't make their product in America, typically face a very big challenge-- they need to develop, produce, and ship all of their product way in advance.

For these companies, development can take weeks, production can take weeks, and then delivering their product to the States can take weeks.

For companies in the fashion and lifestyle space, this is a problem. It means you need to design, develop, produce, and ship your Spring '18 orders during Winter '17... How on earth is anyone supposed to know what customers are going to want in Spring '18 during Winter '17?

This used to be what runway shows were for, but who cares anymore? Customers certainly don't.

It's one of the many benefits of making all of our product in New York City. We don't have to deal with any of this predictive ridiculousness.

We actually get to make our Spring product when it's Spring, which means our shoes are new instead of 3 months old.

I think the bigger challenge for us is communicating this message and the importance of it to our customers.

Brandon Cohn