Interesting article in the WSJ yesterday about the ever-increasing popularity of the Yankees cap. It's that fun, 'what do Jay Z, Madonna, and Spike Lee have in common?': they all rock the Cap.

The Yankees represent success, an American past time, and New York. I guess it makes sense that it could be purposed as a cultural icon across industries.

The logo has also been 'approved' by the experts. MOMA has a Yankees cap, so it must be designed exceptionally well. Musicians and directors wear them, so they must be cool and relevant. New Yorkers wear them, so there's authenticity there, too.

It's also found legs outside of the States, with Italian designer Alessandro Michele wearing a green and white Yankees hat in public.

Also, hat or cap? Definitely cap. Hat is generic. Bland, dull, boring. Cap has a crispness to it. The k and the p add some allure to the whole thing.

When you say cap it also sounds like you don't care all that much, which is cool in itself. Like, you didn't think too much about it.

Brandon Cohn