The Stylish Duo

We have an exciting collab launching tonight at midnight with The Stylish Duo. They're trendsetters in NYC that embody New America: tenacity, empathy, style, sophistication.

Our design team worked alongside them to develop a style that reflects their look with the New American aesthetic of L&B. It's been fun throwing down creative ideas, and we're looking forward to seeing how the product moves.

The timing couldn't be better too–– our collab with Vibram USA is launching on Thursday. We'll keep you posted once that goes live as well.

There's a disconnect in the industry between the true trend setters and the reality television stars most big companies think are the true trendsetters.

We have the luxury of working with individuals and companies that value the same things we value. That have experiences about American culture that resonate with real Americans. This comes through the product. When everyone from the collaborators, to our design team, to our production team, to our stitching department, to our brand strategy team is aligned, the end result is a product that reflects our company culture.

Brandon Cohn