Posted #1

We're posted on Vibram USA. The exposure is nice, but more importantly we're starting to align ourselves with brands that share similar values to L&B.

We talk a lot about movement-- aspirational movement, physical movement, movement towards progress. There's a direct line we can draw between this type of movement, our shoes, and the outsoles we use.

There's also strength in numbers with branding, and we're starting to get a nice momentum with this. When we associate ourselves with brands that stand for quality, it influences the perception of our product.

It makes that first purchase possible; validation is so important here. The experience is what solidifies the following purchases, but that first purchase takes a real leap of faith from the consumer. 

The team at Vibram USA is fantastic as well. We've had some great conversations about different collaborations we can work on. More to come on this in the following weeks. It may even provide us the opportunity to place L&B in some physical outlets.

Brandon Cohn