Our team connected with Robert 'Raven' Kraft earlier today.

For the past 43+ years, every day, Raven has run 8 miles along Miami Beach. His story has been made into a novel as well as a documentary.

His story embodies New America and what Lee & Barrett stands for.

He's relentlessly driven and has positively affected people across the country and around the world-- yes, even internationals fly in just to run with Raven.

We wanted to create a lifestyle shoe for when he's not treading through the sand. We're going with a full blackout style (per his request), and we're going to have it posted in April.

We're also excited to be working with him because of his love for American culture. He's excited to be a part of our story and help give Americanism an authentic, positive, powerful voice.

His journey is quite inspiring, and we're really looking forward to getting this style up. I'll let you know when the shoe is ready to go.

Brandon Cohn