American Businesses

Businesses are in the most effective position to dictate the social and cultural tone of America.

Work occupies our time, energy, and aspirations. We work for ourselves and for our families. There's camaraderie in work and hopefully a level of joy and satisfaction in the work we do. If we have disdain for our work, there may be even more of an emotional investment-- 'I'm working solely for X, Y, and Z reason.'

It would seem that, if our political institutions are doing a less-than-desirable job at facilitating a healthy collaboration of Americans, than the reliance on businesses to drive these discussions is even more important.

It's actually quite simple how businesses should do this; develop brands that reflect the best American values.

If the main ingredients for a strong, robust, empathetic America are American businesses, than the core of American businesses need to be properly aligned with these values. There's room here for companies to rebrand America as a place where high quality, expertly crafted product is not only designed but also made.

Brandon Cohn