Listen to the Introverts

America's fascination with the 'heroic individual' imbues the workplace with a lot of self-righteousness: my ideas, my designs, my thoughts, my work, my talent, my skill.

Some are very vocal about wanting to be the center of attention. We all know these people. Others are much more introverted; they're the ones that need to be listened to.

In my experience, introspectiveness typically means thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness usually leads to clarity of thought. In the right environment, this can be the backbone of a company. It just needs to be translated into effective communication.

Unfortunately, this jump (thoughtfulness to effective communication) is more like a chasm for most institutions. Why?

Because, communication doesn't happen in a vacuum. One person is louder than the other, one person is more extroverted than the other, and the delicate thoughtfulness of an idea gets crushed by ego.

Listen to the introverts.

Brandon Cohn