We have some new equipment coming in mid-April which will help as production continues to ramp up. We've also got a sourcing trip we're taking to upstate New York next week and a visit to Vibram USA's manufacturing facility in early April.

A few different collaborations are developing-- trend setters, athletes, musicians. Our team is developing as well; more designers, stitchers, strategists.

We've started speaking with some high end brick-and-mortar retailers as well. I never saw our brand as being overly present in the brick-and-mortar market, but there may be some opportunities to place a few styles in a few key locations.

Third-party product placement in retail stores is a funny business. On the one hand, it's not ideal for visibility or margin. On the other hand, it's a great way to connect with people, let customers experience the product in person, and add value to your brand by association with the company you're retailing through.

Regardless, everything is moving forward at a steady clip. I'll keep you posted on how our late March/early April trips go. 

Brandon Cohn