At the Lab

Today's another work day at the factory. Factory or Lab? Maybe Lab is better... Regardless, we've got stitching being done, some Lasting underway, our design team cranking out new ideas, and a few new materials coming in that we're excited to start messing around with.

We also have new lacing options that we're working with. We may start using laces as a focal point of our designs; I'm surprised at how uninspired laces usually are with most lifestyle shoes.

Not just the laces but the way they're laced.

We also have machinery getting tuned up later next week. The machines we use need to be calibrated fairly regularly. It's one of the biggest challenges of having a manufacturing facility-- the equipment needs to be regulated or it doesn't perform properly. It's also specific to the person who works with the machine.

Also, Raven's shoe from Miami Beach is in the works. I'm thinking of planning a weekend trip to do 8 miles sometime in May. 

A Lee & Barrett excursion could be in the works.

Brandon Cohn