Across Categories

It's old news at this point, but I re-watched Simon Sinek's talk on leader's inspiring action the other day.

There's a part around 4:45 where he discusses what makes consumers receptive to buying a breadth of product categories from a single company-- what makes people who use an Apple computer also want to use an iPhone, an Apple TV, etc.

It reminds me of Amazon, especially now that I'm more than happy to have them deliver groceries to my door, in addition to books and cloud computing software...

I'm not an early adopter when it come to Amazon technology though. There are plenty of others that wanted the first subscription to Amazon Fresh, that wanted their Cloud software, that bought their tablets and virtual assistant.

Those are the individuals targeted first. They're the ones that evangelize the brand and speak for the brand so that the brand doesn't have to.

Finding and connecting with those early adopters is an important skillset that every startup needs to be mindful of.

Brandon Cohn