South Korea

An interesting opportunity just came up with a company that wants to retail Lee & Barrett product through a few outlets in South Korea.

The idea being that there's a strong western influence in certain pockets of retail there, and that it would mean something special to the consumer to have access to product that is not only designed in NYC but actually made in NYC.

We're thinking of treating it like wholesale business-- they'd place a volume order for a variety of shoes in a variety of sizes, and then they would distribute it through their channels.

If done right, it could be a great way to expand the brand by showing American values and quality-of-product through our shoes.

It's also an opportunity to see how other markets react to our message and whether an exclusivity could be built because of how difficult it is to import American-made product.

It's flipping the switch on the issue America has with overly importing product; let's get into the export game.

Brandon Cohn