It's a Wrap-a-thon

We have a new wrap method for the base of the shoe that we're developing.

The leather wrap takes a bottom stitch to flatten it out and then a sidewall stitcher holds the top-line directly to the Upper. This way, the wrap holds flat around the curves of the outsole while giving durability to the shoe because of the sidewall stitching.

It's an extra step we're able to pull off because we're handcrafting our styles in NYC. If we were doing the production oversees, it would be a nightmare to maintain quality control... It's too intricate a process and requires too much detail.

Also, because we're using a leather wrap, we can start playing with colors. Typically, companies only use rubber/synthetic cupsoles for the base.

Because of the high minimum-order-quantities on cupsoles, brands typically wind up running with the most down-the-middle colors they can get a hold of.

Handcrafted in NYC means we can make what we like, not what other companies require us to make because of their MOQs...

Brandon Cohn