Developing for Whom?

When a company develops product, are they developing it to fit their brand, or are they developing it to fit their customer's brand?

Is there a difference? and, most importantly, what does this say about authenticity?

There's a lot of talk about transparency in retail America, especially with companies like Everlane preaching 'radical transparency,' but I think authenticity is the next frontier.

Authenticity comes from an unshakeable resolve about who you are and where you want to go. How you get there may vary, and it doesn't mean you're not willing to adjust as needed, but there's a clear intention behind your actions.

Authentic people are like this, too. They're the loved ones in our lives that we try to model ourselves after. They're the ones leading others, confidently.

Young companies need to be the same way. Corporate giants can get away with it (sometimes) from sheer force, but a saturated retail market requires authenticity for one brand to rise above another.

Brandon Cohn