Leather Wrap, Veg-tan

Today's a sourcing day. We're staying in New York, but there are a few leather facilities we'd like to check out.

Specifically, we're looking for 1" wide veg-tan leather, 3mm-4mm thick, that's soft enough to be used as wrapping around the bottom of the shoe but durable enough to withstand the stress of walking.

There are a few key spots on your shoe that get the most pull. You probably notice where they are because of how the wrapping starts to peel back as you walk. It's typically on the corners by either side of your toes and on the back by your heel.

Finding the right leather is important to help prevent this. Being able to source in NYC, while making the shoes in NYC, is a great benefit for us. We can test different options before we go in to production.

Brandon Cohn