Hand Sewn Logo

We were kicking around ideas yesterday afternoon for what the logo on our shoes should be. Maybe logo is the wrong word though, because we don't want to be gaudy with any of the design work.

We started thinking about different stitchings we could do–– just a small detail to represent the brand that doesn't interfere with the aesthetic of each style. There are two box-stitches at the bottom of each Upper (more like rectangles, really), which is how we reinforce the stitching.

On the left box stitch we're going to hand sew a stylized N, for New, and on the right box stitch we're going to hand sew a small flag, for American.

It's simple, but I think it will help convey a feeling of Americana without being too on-the-nose.

We want to stay away from what traditional Made in America brands do, because that's not really what we're after. Rather, we want the footwear to represent the authentic New American values of our company.

There's a clear, important distinction between 'made in America,' and 'we believe in New American values and also make our product in New York City.'

Brandon Cohn