Sneaker Wheel

Anyone familiar with a Sneaker Wheel?

Most aren't, which is understandable. It's kind of a right of passage for Sneakerheads. A way of sharing your collection–– showing who you are and what you like.

There are different variations on the standard Sneaker Wheel; different patterns, layouts, centerpieces you can use, etc. What's interesting is how much pride people have in their collections. It's not that there's a large volume of people that put some much energy in to how they curate their shoes, but when you find those that do you realize it's something very profound and very personal.

Branding is everything with Wheels because the product needs to be recognizable. It needs to be aspirational. It needs to be not-so-easily attainable. It needs to generate interest (from you, from the people looking). It needs to be cohesive. It needs to merchandise correctly.

It's kind of a way of overcoming the problem that you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time.

What if we could all throw on a pair of Wheels instead?

Brandon Cohn