Trade School

WSJ did a piece yesterday on high schoolers going to Trade School instead of 4-year college programs. The biggest push for this route is debt; it's too expensive and too oppressive to be stuck with loans.

But there's also a directness that some of these students feel about getting involved with the type of work they care about. There's no 'core,' there's no loafing. They know what they want to do, and they're going for it. The fear from parents is sensible; are you sure this is what you want? don't you need a backup? isn't having a 4-year degree important?

These are all fair, rational, reasonable concerns. But, also, what's more American than pursuing what you care about with intensity and intrepidness? What's more important than this?

It's a loaded question, because the truth is if you're coachable, able to pivot, hardworking, and intelligent enough, it probably doesn't matter. But, if you're not, it probably matters a whole lot.

Brandon Cohn