Lee & Barrett is a New American brand, which makes me think about the word 'patriotism' and whether it really applies to us: vigorous support for one's country

It seems too extreme to me, as if there's no reservation to what we believe in. This is obviously not where we're coming from at all.

We're not making any kind of a blanket statement that we support all facets of American culture; we're simply saying that there are certain values of American culture that need to be emphasized and shared more.

Human values are ultimately much more important than national values: empathy, compassion, respect. Americans have their own way of expressing these values, which is awesome. But, I wouldn't call it 'patriotic' to do so.

There's certainly a place for patriotism-- no question. But, I don't think it applies to our brand and the way we communicate our brand.

Patriotism is an American trait that's less core than what we believe in.

Brandon Cohn