Led Zeppelin

I saw someone on the street this morning wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt, and it made me think of the brand names we wear. I had this thought about how I would feel if I had to have someone else's name printed on my shirt all day-- how, strange that would be... But, I have a Ratatat shirt I wear every once in a while, and I feel perfectly fine in it.

There's something in how we associate ourselves with names and brands that kind of tugs us towards what we like being associated with but also away from what is already very established about ourselves.

If it was just about how we looked in something, or the material, or the silhouette, or the price, the economy would function very differently. We'd be less impressed with many more things and our tastes wouldn't be subject to seemingly topical forces like who is wearing what and how exclusive a product is.

But, we're human, so the emotional relationship we have with the things we own is very real. Similar to the emotional relationships we have with people, how brands affect us changes over time and are influenced by what others think. 

How we associate with brands has everything to do with how we feel internally and how we want to be viewed externally.

Brandon Cohn