Glow on My Toe

A shoeshiner in Grand Central just asked me if he could put a 'glow on my toe before I go'.

No. But, the thoughtfulness was awesome.

I like my shoes scuffed. A little dirty. Worn in. Weathered. With character. Gnarled. Having depth.

Shoes and handbags sometimes get coupled together-- pricing can be similar, materials can be similar, the retail buyers are sometimes the same.

You don't walk on your handbags though. You don't 'pound the pavement' with your handbag. You don't kick open doors, trip through the dirt, run after your kids with your handbag.

It's cool to have new shoes that look crisp, and clean, but it's more important how they wear in.

It's a tough concept for Americans to get behind because we're very used to purchasing product that's reproducible and the same from store to store.

It's really a shame. Handcrafted is badass when it's coupled with the right vision, creativity, and styling.

Brandon Cohn