Tuesday we're being featured on the podcast Shoe-In. Should be fun-- an opportunity to talk about the L&B brand and where footwear is at.

Then, later this month, Sneaker Essentials is launching, which all works alongside our new line coming out, the Vibram partnership, and the general push we're making across the board to bring on new team members, new material sources, and new machinery.

These opportunities are important to us not because of its mass-market implications, but because it's where the early adopters live. The people that ultimately evangelize your brand, vouch for your cause, and push the conversation your way over time.

It's a small point, but I think an important one: early adopters drive the conversation.

If we want the footwear market to take authentic, modern American values and style seriously, it's these die-hards that need to believe in our vision.

Brandon Cohn