The Boston Marathon

Shoutout to the Boston Marathon today. 39 degrees, feels like 29 degrees, rainy, windy, grey, bleak, gross. And yet, they run.

It's a shame it's raining today, but it's going to make quite the memory for the runners. It'll always be that 'one year, when it rained like crazy,' and they banded together, fought through it, worked through it, trekked through it.

There will still be people on the sidelines with oranges and gatorade; they'll have their own stories about how they stood out there anyway. Maybe there won't be too many hoses?..

Same with the friends and parents of the runners. They were there too. With their signs, anyway. Those will be kept too-- the wet, inky, unreadable signs.

Experience and memory make great stories when they're complimentary. The struggle of the day, the memory of the struggle.

That's what makes it lasting, doesn't it?

Brandon Cohn