Vibram Megagrip

The Vibram team up on Newbury street was fantastic–– very welcoming, very professional, and excited to begin working with us.

We're putting modified versions of the Key in to development, and we're pushing to hit a May delivery.

The styles will be exclusive for their store, particularly because we're using Megagrip outsoles.

I learned that Vibram's Megagrip line is the perfect balance between a soft outsole (one that's effective on tough surfaces) and a hard outsole (one that's effective on wet surfaces).

An outsole can typically only handle one surface or the other. Megagrip excels on both, which is a testament to the technological innovation of Vibram's company and the reason why this particular outsole sells so well.

More to come! We'll be keeping you posted on the launch.

Brandon Cohn