Happy Friday. Jobs report came out today-- seems like the economy is doing decent, except for retail which continues to get crushed.

As retail squeezes down to a level that's efficient for the market, where's all the labor going? I saw a report this morning that the country has 5x more brick-and-mortar retail locations than we should...

Coupled with continuous pressure to automate everything for efficiency and cost savings, it seems the economy is making an effort to make it difficult to put Americans back to work.

I do know one thing that definitely doesn't help improve the American workforce: making product not in America.

Have you noticed how infrequently we talk about manufacturing retail product in America?

How about putting some American ingenuity towards creatively developing and producing awesome product, here. This isn't a revelation, it's just a conversation no retailer wants to have because they manufacture nearly everything overseas.

Brandon Cohn