Another New Machine

Feel like a bit of a broken record, but we're thinking of bringing in another machine soon. It's a machine that basically helps us sew the insole directly into the Upper material, saving time when we structure the shoe.

There's this strange tug that goes on while you're scaling-- the business comes in, which makes work volume pick up, which means efficiency becomes increasingly important, which requires money to purchase machinery and hire people, which requires business to come in.

It's kind of a circle that feeds on itself, and you need to negotiate the process as best you can. Don't improve your efficiency quick enough and you can't execute the orders fully, don't execute the orders fully and you can't take the necessary steps to improve efficiency.

It's also the fun of doing something innovative. If it was easy, everyone would do it. And, if there aren't challenges, you're just not doing enough.

Regardless, happy Monday everyone. Onwards and upwards!


Brandon Cohn