Flip Flops

Flip flops are officially on the docket. Why? Because, we're fed up with what's available.

We're thinking of using a 4mm veg-tan leather as a base. Veg-tan leather means it was tanned using tannins that were extracted from 'vegetable matter,' -- think tree bark.

It's more durable, which means we can keep the outsole thin. Light weight, durable, comfortable. Sounds like Spring, doesn't it?

We're liking the outsole shape of our most recent line, so we're thinking of keeping it the same for the flip flop development. It's a bit more angular than most silhouettes, which gives it a sleekness.

We get to play with some more muted colors with veg-tan leather too, which is nice. Will help us diversify the color schemes a bit more.

Brandon Cohn