What's the status of my order?

After placing your order, we'll send a confirmation email.

Because our shoes are handmade, it typically takes 10 - 14 days to ship. We'll email a follow-up with tracking information.

What's your return policy?

We fully refund any style returned within 30 days of receipt. Please give 3-5 days for refunds to be processed.

Contact us, and we will email you a pre-paid return label.

Is shipping free?

Standard shipping (2-3 Business Day delivery in the Continental U.S.) is free.

2 Business Day delivery is $15.

Overnight delivery is $25.

Do you ship internationally?

We certainly do.

Standard shipping typically takes 7-14 Business Days. Express shipping typically takes 4-8 Business Days.

Where is your product made?

Our production facility is in New York City.

Is your product bespoke?

We do short production runs. This helps us maintain quality, produce forward-trending styles, and manage inventory.

Data forecasting helps us keep pace with new orders.

Can I customize my own style?


Contact us, and we'll set up a meeting or conference call with you.

Why don't you do markdowns?

We make our product in small batches, and we don't have excess inventory.

So, we don't need to rely on markdowns to get rid of merchandise people don't want.